Here she is - My new Outdoor Brown Tote!

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  1. The sun is down and these are taken with flash but the color is pretty accurate - a rich, rugged, distressed (caviar leather) dark brown. I am surprised at how positively thick the leather is. The bag arrived brand spankin' new in the box but even still, the leather had some marks I didn't like (along the bottom corners that aren't diamond stitched) which Appleguard completely removed. I have tested the areas with my fingernail and the leather didn't mark again, so the scratches were inherent in the distressing process Chanel used. It is not smooth leather; therefore, the caviar texture should keep superficial scratching to a minimum, if at all.

    As mentioned in other threads, the bag is a bit heavy but I like the feeling of carrying a really strong, durable handbag. It is boxy under the arm but no worse than the "loaf of bread" luxury bowler. This is my style and I'm sticking to it! :biggrin:

    Please excuse my bedroom furniture. I vowed that while I am still renting an apartment, I will not spend money on such "luxuries"! Besides, when you have cats, they tend to "lead with their claws" and nothing ever stays pretty for long (Hence the lack of a bed quilt which they ruined!).

    Edited to add that there are two slide pockets on the outside front and back of the bag which run the length and are deep like the Paddington. Inside is a zipper pocket, a cell pocket and one additional slide pocket.
    OutdoorFront.JPG OutdoorBack.JPG OutdoorShoulder.JPG
  2. gorgeous! and what a great size too.
  3. :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Your tote is absolutely marvelous! The leather looks fabulous and isn't the brown and rustic hardware just a TDF combination??!! :yes:

    When you have time, I'd love to see a pic showing the inside of the bag! :flowers:

    Congratulations Roey!!
  4. Oh sure Blu, make me take out my camera again!!


    I plan to get some better shots tomorrow without flash and will get some of the inside. It is lined in canvas, not leather like the luxe and classic flap.

    The hardware is like a brushed, muted silver - so pretty!
  5. Roey, how this is different from the white diamond stitch bag worn by Maria Menuonos?

    May I ask what retail was?
  6. Love it! Great choice! I have the same dark brown color in the Outdoor line's Dr. Bag and adore the color, leather and rugged style. Congrats!
  7. :nuts: me likely!!!
  8. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  9. Soooooooooooooo beautiful! Congrats!:yes:
  10. $1625 retail.

    The diamond stitch is grained calfskin whereas the outdoor is distressed caviar. I haven't seen them side by side, but am guessing that the texture on the DS would be more lined while the outdoor would be more pebbled.

    Edited to add the CC's on the DS are shiny silver versus brushed silver, large versus small, and located bottom center versus top center.

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments so far! This is the perfect casual brown handbag! Golden - I know which Dr. bag you are refering to and it is TDF!
  11. Oh, I LOVE the color!!! Looks great on you!!!!!!
  12. Thank you.:flowers:
  13. It is gorgeous! I love it
  14. I'm just soooo loving the casual Outdoor line - the flap, the tote, and goldensx5's doctor bag - phenomenal!!!
  15. Looks great.... thanks for letting us know about the leather.