Here she is, my new Burberry Hether tote!

  1. I got her today:yahoo:
    It is the Burberry Prorsum "Heather" tote.
    I am in love:love:
    burberry 009_2.jpg
  2. Love it! The leather looks amazing! Modeling pics please!
  3. The leather looks great - I guess it's smooth as silk... and as soft...
  4. Beautiful tote! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous bag could you tell me where you got it please
  6. Very classy! And looks like a versatile bag. Congrats! :tup:
  7. very nice congrats!
  8. So pretty--congrats
  9. Thank you guys for all the compliments! I got it from GAUDETE boutigue in Helsinki Finland. There were only two of these. And I got the other one!
    I will post some modeling pics as soon as my computer will co-operate (I have been having some trouble yesterday and today).
  10. Here we are with the modelling pics.
    The leather is so strong but soft. And the bag is just perfect for my laptop etc. It holds a lot of stuff, but is still feminine. It can be worn in three different ways, as the pictures show. And let me tell you about the details: they are so pretty and exquisite! The bag is also made in Italy.
    I got one picture of the tags, in case you need these to ask your local Burberry store. I will post more pics of the lovely details later.
    burberry 015_2.jpg burberry 019_2.jpg burberry 025_2.jpg burberry_tags 001_2.jpg
  11. That is a beautiful bag, congrats.
  12. Congrats- it's a stunning bag!
  13. Very nice.
    Enjoy your new Burberry! :tup:
  14. Thank you again for all the nice comments!
    Here are the some more pictures of the details I was so excited about.
    The handels are braided, so that it is really a comfort to carry this bag on the shoulder or in the crook of my hand even with a laptop and all my stuff inside.
    IMG_3866.JPG IMG_3868.JPG IMG_3869.JPG
  15. wow this is a REALLY nice bag and is really really sophisticated! Enjoy your new bag! :biggrin: