Here she is!! MY MC SPEEDY!! (LONG! + lots of pics!!)

  1. YEAH! she is mine allll mine! :yahoo:

    This story starts in august 2007, on holiday with my boyfriend (TODAY we are 6 years together !) in Rome I decided to save up for the holy grail of lv's ..the white mc speedy
    After years of dreaming (and jealous looks when I saw a woman with the mc speedy, I WANT ONE!:hysteric:) and months of saving up i got her today!

    At 8:37 i took the bus to the station, bought a magazine and took the 9:16 bus to Antwerp
    Look what i saw while i was reading!
    damier azur!
    this whole outfit is from louis vuitton

    I arrived in Antwerp and went straight to LV
    The store:
    ^sexy pose mister! Couldn't get a closer picture of the full window (well..without being run over by cars!)

    I walked in to the store and started browsing, saw the mirage griet (gorgeous!) and the Mahina, i guess it was the xxl because it was HUGE!
    Two man, one in the store and the other one outside (in the picture above) were working on the electricity and all of a sudden..the lights went out! Lol for a minute or so
    Anyway, a SA aproached me and asked if she could help me. I told her i wanted a MC speedy in white with purple and pink of the front.
    She came back with one, gorgeous colorcombination but a part of the leather allready started to patina and it had a few minor scratches. I asked for another one and she brought it LV of the front pocket..something i really dind't wanted! Perfect leather but still..I thought about it for a second, I dind't wanted to leave the store empty handed! So I went with the first one, the leather will get darker after a while so it's all ok!
    I'm not perfect either, so we match lol
    I asked about a heatstamp but the SA told me it couldn't be done on the clochette(is that the right word?). She did tell me a man in the LV store in Brussels is really good at that so i could have it done there if i wanted.
    Also asked for a box, which i got! And asked if she knew about multicolor ballerina flats for S/S 2008. She told me she wasn't sure, she did know they would have multicolor sneakers. She gave me the tip to look at the Vuitton site, lol i dind't tell her i check it almost everyday
    She gave me the holiday catalog and a note/card about the window (students designed it or something)!

    More to follow!!
  2. Me in a fitting room, big brown bag :biggrin:

    On the way back..

    So..let the striptease begin!!:graucho:
  3. [​IMG]
    YAY! :yahoo:
  4. [​IMG]
    Made in Paris :heart:
    The whole multicolor family!
    With my speedy 35!
    The whole family!
    Yay! I love you multicolor speedy!!

    So, I finaly have my holy grail! My boyfriend texted me that maybe we can have the bag heatstamped in Brussels or PARIS! LOL paris it is!
    I do have a few questions! Where can i find the date code? Can't find it!
    And to all the mc speedy owners that had it heatstamped, does the stamp still looks ok? Did you have it heatstamped on that clochette?

  5. Congrats!!
  6. congrats! It's really cute w/ you.
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
  8. Congrats !!! :tup:
  9. Congrats! I love the little picture story too!
  10. Congrats! A real beauty!

    Look for the datecode in the inside pocket (should be in the corner next to the seam).
  11. Wow really pretty! Congrats and thank you for the story about it, enjoyed it like I was in the store with you :smile: such a fun shop! You suit it well - enjoy it !
  12. Stunning,. congrat's
  13. Thanks! i looked there but didn't look good enough i guess ;)
  14. It's gorgous! Congrats!
    That colour combo is soooooo pretty :nuts:
  15. Congrats! I so glad you got your grail bag!