Here she is ......... my J12!!!

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  1. Day before we were buying the watch, hubby told me he was washing his car first - WHAT?! And we were going to the VW dealership so he could buy his car .... WHAT?! I have a J12 to buy man ..... hmph!!

    Made sure hubby woke up early, told him that for every minute after 10am that he didnt get up, it would be a £100 off the price of the J12 for me!! D*mn he got up at 10am on the dot!! Hubby washing his car could take anything from 1 hour to 4 whole hours .........

    Anyway, we arrived at the VW dealership - far too busy so left after 15 minutes to buy my watch - woo hoo!! Hubby dropped me off so he could park the car ...... sad moment number 1 ........ I RAN, yes RAN to the jewelry store!!!!! Arrived in there and the guy got up and breathlessly I blurted out - Chanel. J12. Black. White. £2,200 ....... puff pant ..... so he got the womans one out for me and I tried them on. I must have had the look of someone rich cos he then started pulling out all the other Chanel watches for me to try on!!! Even the £13k one!!! Tried on ones with jade stones, ruby stones, diamond middle everything!!!

    Hubby had arrived at this point and after me having both the Black J12 and the 13k one on my wrist for like 20 minutes (!), he said I had to take the watch off - SPOILSPORT!!!

    Finally decided on the black one that I originally wanted - the SA was superb. He had had the "Chanel Training" so told me what he was taught about Coco and the people behind the business - very interesting.

    At first feel, the watch is heavy to touch and heavy on the wrist, but this does fade after a while. After links had been removed, I put it on my wrist to wear out the store - the SA then asked me to take the watch off BAD MAN!! I was shown how to wind it on etc.

    Sad moment number 2 - I WORE THE WATCH WHILE SLEEPING!!!!! Didnt want to take it off my wrist!!! I need a life .....!!

    OOH!! Hubby surprised me afterwards - for our 5th Anniversary in April and my birthday in July, we are going to London for a few days AND he is buying me a Chanel handbag!! MY FIRST HANDBAG PEOPLE!!! Roll on July!! Woo hoo!!

    Anyway, here are the photoes -





  2. i've just posted on your other thread!

    congratulations girlie !! :woohoo: you must be sooo happy !! :wlae: wear it in good health! :drinkup:
  3. My watch for life!! After this one, I dont want another one!! MIL wants that in writing!!
  4. awwww what a cute story, CONGRATULATIONS and roll on July!!!! :wlae: any idea which bag you want to get???
  5. Yay! What a gorgeous watch and a great story too. You are right about the weight, you don't notice after a while.

    And woohoo!! about your hubby coming up with a bag for you!! You lucky girl ;)
  6. Have printed out the list of Chanel Stores in London (!) so we are just going round and see what we see. But probably go for a black messenger bag.

    We were speaking about this in the store. I said it was between a pink one or a black one. The SA said that I had to pick black cos its a classic Chanel colour!!
  7. How cute :P Love your story and especially your watch! Congrats!!! :tup:
  8. Gorgeous J12. Looks absolutely fabulous on you!!!!
    Can't wait to see your first Chanel bag as well!!!!
  9. what size did you get? 33 or 38?
  10. Be the 33 I guess - the smaller one of the two ....
  11. Gorgeous watch...i love J12 in white & black too but i have the white one in MM38. U look great on her, initially i also didn't want to remove the watch after wearing it...LOLL
  12. do you mind telling me your height? I cant decide between the 33 and 38, I have a small wrist the 33 looks great on but everyone keeps telling me to go for the bigger one. Any thoughts. What made you decide on your size?
  13. Am 5 foot 4 in height. I tried on the bigger sized watch (think i tried on their entire Chanel stock!!) and the 38 face was just too big for me (in my opinion). But hubby said the same too. We both preferred the 33 on me.
  14. Oooooh joviscot I looooooove your story!!!!! I broke into tears on your 'sad moments' laughing so hard! Your J12 is beautiful and the two of you look fabulous and happy together. Of course you won't need another watch for life haha. And a Chanel bag from hubby coming up in July! :woohoo: I am so happy for you!!! :love:
  15. Forgot to post this photo of my 2 babies!!