Here she is: My first MJ!!!

  1. My large black MJ Multipocket arrived, and I'm LOVING her. She's perfect. Flawless. Gorgeous. And she came from a PFer (who is friggin' awesome, you know who you are :heart:) and has found a happy home in the DC Metro area. :lol: :yahoo:

    Here are a few pics of the two of us...please excuse my scrubby outfit (today was errands day) and messy living room (cleaning day is tomorrow), just focus on the beauty that is Mary Poppins. Yes...I named her. :lol:

    Shout-outs to everyone that helped me in my desperate search...thithi, elongreach, Jun3machina, Sick4Marc, etc. You guys rock!! :jammin:



  2. She looks amazing on you! Mary Poppins? :shocked: That's the same name as my Large Multipocket! Congratulations!!
  3. Melly -- NO WAY!!!! :roflmfao: We have twins!!!!

    OT: I never noticed how those jeans make my ass look flat. :lol:
  4. It is so beautiful!! Congratulations. You wear it soooo well!!
  5. It looks great on you! So looks like the three of us have triplets? hehe. I didn't know you are in the area MJP...I'm south of DC and work in the city. :yes:
  6. She is gorgeous!! It's the perfect size, I love it! Congrats:yahoo:
  7. OMG Melly, that MP was made for you! I'm so glad you were able to find her, and from a TPF member at that. Great bag karma!
  8. Absolutely lovely!
  9. ^^thithi, it's meeeeeeeeeee!!! Melly has one, too...but that's my flat butt in the photos. :lol:

    Thanks so much, guys! I'm getting used to how heavy she is (WHOA), but I love her.

    dawn -- I noticed you were around here! I'm up in Germantown (aka MIDDLE OF NOWHERE). I'm down in the city 3 times a week or more, though. Nothing to do here. :lol:
  10. OOPS! That's what I meant to write! DOH... Melly doesn't have the black MP.

    It's the daylight savings, my brain is a puddle of mush today...:upsidedown:

    I knew it was you, just typed the wrong name... :amazed: My apologies! I need to get some sugar into my system.
  11. That's beautiful! Congrats MPJ!
  12. ^^^thithi -- OMG no worries, and I'm feeling you...I was a ZOMBIE today. :lol:

    Thanks, elong!!! :flowers:
  13. Melly has a black MP too? Where have I been?! :blink:

    I think I need a nap!
  14. Maybe she just has a large MP...I'm not sure of the color. I guess we both named our MPs Mary Poppins, though! :p
  15. I'm so glad you got a non-saggy bag!!!!