Here She Is - Ms. Mahala 2007

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  1. My Plum Mahala :choochoo:arrived this afternoon:party: but had to finish cleaning before I could get these photos:blah: and please excuse the awful fashion statement. Just enjoy the bag:heart:

    BTW, Casey has 1 more of these bags available, so some Pfr better grab her:yahoo:

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  2. A few more details of the Mahala and be sure to check out the Cool Purse Charm:happydance:

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  3. OMG it is GORGEOUS!!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    Why? Why? Why did you have to post this bag, robynbenz? You already helped me presale my dream Ramona on in Burgundy (which I'd been dreaming about for months) and now this:confused1:...

    You bought it at the boutique, which means regular price, right? Worth the price, love it. Ms. Mahala is definitely next on my list, just don't ever tell me if it's on sale (or do LOL)...

    Congratulations again! It's awesome.
  4. OMG, it is SO STUNNING!!!! *pouts* I need a money tree to buy this baby!! LOL.

    Seriously, that is one HOT bag.
  5. I can't stop staring... :nuts:
  6. GORGEOUS! Like a ripe plum. I WANT, I WANT!
  7. I'm am drooling right now - that bag is awesome and I want one! Congratuations and love the kitties!
  8. that's such a pretty color! And your cat looks so cute next to it too.
  9. WOW! Gorgeous bag & color!!! Congrats Robynbenz. =)
  10. I bow down...
  11. Great bag and Gorgeous color!
  12. Congrats! :smile:
  13. WOW! What a gorgeous bag. And you KNOW it looks great on you and the color is great for the kitty as well. Great find:yahoo:!
  14. Congratulations Robyn:woohoo:What an amazing deep rich color. I have met my Mahala/Maddy limit or I would be calling Casey for the other one. Thanks for posting the pics. Enjoy!
  15. wow! gorgeous color.. gosh, would love to get this and cancel my order.. :sos: