Here she is, Miss Onyx my black toilet case!

  1. This is the sister to Zacorey's Miss Marshmellow. Both lovely toilet cases came from hgbags. Yes I trimmed my tassles, I always do. Sue me! she is, Miss Onyx....

  2. :yahoo: YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: There she is!!!:tender: Marshmellow is excited to see her long lost sis!!!!!!!!:love: She is a BEAUTY!!!!!!! Take very good care of her Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :smile: :heart:
  3. oh that is a lovely bag!
  4. LOVE IT! I'm getting a black one soon. I can't wait!
  5. Adorable!!! Congrats!! :yes:
  6. It's fabulous! Enjoy!
  7. Gorgeous!!!! Congrats LoriB.:wlae:
  8. :yahoo: :heart: So cute! Love it LoriB!
  9. congrats!!! shes so cute!!!
  10. So cute - like a mini bbag! Very useful size, too!
  11. Gorgeous pic! Congrats!
  12. so perfect!!! congrats!!! thanks for sharing pics!!!