Here she is...Miss Madrid in vermillion chevre...

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  1. I bought this little precious during the sale (thank you Tropicgal!) but was accidentally sent a mandarin Covet Me. Quicker than quick BE sent me my bag and she is everything I was hoping for! I have a Coach wristlet in persimmon that I love and the colors are nearly identical. I think with age the vermillion will darken a bit but the leather is soft to the touch, pliable, yet sturdy. And finally I have gunmetal!! I like to carry a big bag with a smaller bag inside for quick trips and this is perfect. So today I'm using my oak Copenhagen (which is breaking in beautifully!) and my little Madrid. I almost wish I went for brass HW as it would be really nice against the coral, but I like the gunmetal just as well and I wanted to change things up.


    Here she is :smile:


    Against the coach persimmon


    I did play around with the chain and straps (the chain used as a wristlet for the bag is adorable!), I love most the crossbody. You can certainly do shoulder with or without the chain but this is definitely well suited as either a clutch, wristlet, or xbody :smile:
  2. Love the color of this leather...I really like the gunmetal as well!

  3. Gorgeous! I love it all...the leather, the hardware and it is beautiful on you! Enjoy ;)
  4. The bag looks great on you! I also think the gunmetal is a choise I woudn't have thought about, and it seems to work out very well. Let's know how this leather behaves with use ;)
  5. Thanks ladies :smile: that was my one concern: rye leather. Before committing, I has asked someone on TPF how hers was holding up and she replied it was doing really well, so I took the plunge. Here"'s hoping! A little bit of the gunmetal plating was missing from the chain to reveal copper underneath, but it's small and I don't mind. Had I paid full price, though, I think I would have :smile:
  6. Beautiful color this is and edgy with the gunmetal.
  7. Love this bag style, if they have another sale and this is part of it I know I will be tempted!
  8. This bag is still in sale on their site. :graucho:
  9. I've had my eye on the chestnut with brass hardware. :smile: