1. OK, girls! I have gotten ALOT of PM's to show pics of my new Chocolate Signature Ergo Hobo, style #11290, so HERE SHE IS!!!! YES this is the lightest bag I have EVER owned, and I own ALOT of bags!! :graucho: She is roomy, comfortable, does NOT fall off my shoulder AT ALL, is VERY cute, yet FUNCTIONAL!!! And YES, you can wear her in the rain and not worry about her., snow too, for that matter!!! And last, but NOT LEAST, YES she DOES fit VERY comfortably w/ a heavy winter coat, she has a nice drop length w/ a slouch similar to Carly!!!! I hope I answered all of your questions....if you have any more, please PM me ANY TIME!!! ENJOY the pics!!!! :tup:
    This is the wallet I bought to go w/ my new Ergo:[​IMG]
  2. yummy! love it
  3. I really :tup:like the combo of the new charms with the bag !
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  5. Love your bag! I think the charms add more sparkle to it.
  6. Ooh, super cute! Chocolate signature is my favorite of all the sig bags...Love it!
  7. That is super cute!! The wallet matches perfect! Congrats!
  8. Very nice bag! I wish I could fit all of my stuff in such a small bag.
  9. Thanks girls! She REALLY is a cutie!!! ^^ She appears smaller than she is and she holds ALL my stuff w/ TONS of room to spare, yet still being comfortable and lightweight on my shoulder!!!!!! And I love that she slouches like my Carly! :yes:
  10. I have a brown bag addiction and Coach brown is the best! That is one nice bag!! (Off to the Coach site to :drool: and dream of the next PCE)
  11. Gorgeous!!!! It looks wonderful on you! Enjoy it!!!! :smile:
  12. Your bag looks soo cute! Congratulations!!
  13. thanks a ton mommyville. you have a wonderful taste and the bag sure does look yummy.
  14. ANYTIME, summer!!!! Cant wait to see YOUR pics! Let me know when she arrives!!!!:yes:
  15. THANKS, and AGAIN, thank YOU for posting the gorgeous pics of YOUR Ergo!!! Looking forward to seeing pics of your new bag!!!