Here she is ... hope it's not too late

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  1. I hope it's not too late to share my happiness here..the second BBag "LE magenta" is the bag i really love and want to wear it everyday...:yahoo:
    my magenta.JPG my magenta1.JPG
  2. it's never to late to share. :smile: congratulations!! pretty! is it really true to life color?
  3. WOW...Nice bright color!!!
  4. I can totally relate your happiness!!! She's a beauty! Congrats on your great choice!!! :tup::tup::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Congrats!
  6. Wow! Yours looks really really purple compared to mine. Is it more pink IRL than it looks in pictures? It's a totally gorgeous color, don't get me wrong, it's just really different.
  7. That's one beautiful bag ---Congrats!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi! Pluiee...

    this is quite a real color but not that veiny as seen it this pic..
  9. Hi! kimberf....

    Mine is quite purple and almost likely to this pic..can u please share yours?
  10. Gorgeous - haven't been in for awhile, and it's the first thread I opened. Totally see why you love her.
  11. It's such a cool color!
  12. thxs...pluiee, damierlover, nada, lv&lexus07, kimberf, kristabella33, melisande R. and oo_let_me_see

  13. your vert gazon twiggy..thinking abt to buy it..should i? but not sure whether it will get along to my clothes or not
  14. the leather's :tup: congrats!
  15. :tup:Congratulations! She's a beauty!!!:heart: