Here she is, and I SO made the right choice!

  1. My Noisette Lexington! It was def. the missing link of my pochette collection, I'm soooooo happy with her:yahoo: I think I've been looking at this bag for 5 years now, sadly it's A LOT more money than it was back then, but there wasn't any Noisette then either....I love the color, it will still look great with patinad vachetta (not that there's much vachetta to patina which I love). I can fit my cell, Carnet de Bal, lip gloss, concealer, and compact which is all I need to fit for what I'll use it for! YAY!
  2. Congrats! Glad you're happy w/ it :wlae:
  3. Great buy :smile: Congrat's!
  4. congrats
    i soooo love the coloure
  5. i have the same bag... although, it's a bit too small for me. i use it as an evening bag since i don't need to carry much when i go out at night.

    it's a beautiful bag, though... great choice!
  6. She's cute!!
  7. OMG love it, thats Hot have good taste !
  8. Awww... it looks cute!!! Congrats Lola!!!
  9. And ****** and Elux were Awesome this time, I ordered this on Monday and it was here Thursday AND my rebate is already in my ****** account, how much fun!!
  10. Congrats LOLA!!! You finally got it! =)
  11. an excellent choice! love noisette.
  12. Yep I plan to primarily use it as an evening bag, but I have to say, I often like to do my major shopping days with small bags too because it gets too heavy to carry a big bag! So I may as well carry the best pochette I could find (IMO):lol:
  13. Yeah, it may take me a while to make the final decision, but when I do I know it's the right choice:P
  14. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!!
  15. It's so pretty. Don't you love it when something is SOOO right?!