Here she is, Amarante Rosewood!

  1. My darling Nike Golf went to get my Amarante Rosewood today. Both he and I thought it was a better fit than the Amrante Reade and it really bothered me that I had the Reade in Bronze already.

    I know people have mentioned the shape, the finger prints, the handle drop, but I love mine.

    Sorry, no modeling pix. Beautiful bag plus 8 month pregnant body does not equal pictures and posting! LOL

    For those wondering also have some pix with Pomme Rox:
    IMG_3341.JPG IMG_3354.JPG IMG_3355.JPG IMG_3347.JPG IMG_3353.JPG
  2. That is gorgeous!!! The color is so hot...:tup:
  3. Congrats ...your photos are stunning ...I tried the rosewood on in pomme and it is a lovely bag:heart:
  4. OMG!!!!!! gorgeoussssssssss!!!

  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats on your new beauty and your impending bundle of joy!
  7. thank u for the pics :smile:. i think rosewood in amarante is very pretty! too bad no modeling lol :p
  8. Thanks guys, she's a little structured but so classy looking.

    If I posted pics of her plus my belly no one would buy this bag! LOL.
  9. Sorry about earlier and the amarante but if you like it, you like it, eh? I notice you love amarante and have a Reade PM. Cool stuff. Are the colors the same or shades off? Are you gonna use one for night and one for daytime?
  10. i am in love with your bag and there's no way i'm getting it here in hong kong!!!!!!! :sad:
    congrats to you. what a lovely dh you have.
  11. Can you post them together for ref pic? Ooops! Did they let you exchange it? I was reading earlier posts on HI meet thread that you used the Reade PM?
  12. It is a stunning colour, that and anything fuchsia.
  13. It looks GREAT!!! Congrats! ;)
  14. Gorgeous bag!! I think you made a wise choice in exchanging your Reade for the Rosewood. Now you've added another gorgeous style to your collection!! Congratulations to your new bag and to your new baby coming soon!
  15. I actually like the rosewood. When my SA showed it to me the other day, I thought it was cute. I love how the end snaps on to the side of the bag. Congrats, so cute. Shoots, sport your prego belly and that rosewood. Rock it girl!