Here she is....again!

  1. I saw it earlier on, but decided not to say anything as I know you are fighting a battle with temptation at present...;) :biggrin:
  2. :lol: :lol: D.....if you only knew the story on that one! Naaaa....I'm fine waiting for the "right" one to come along. You know how it is with those vintage gals....they kinda find you. :biggrin:
  3. But you know what I'm worried about???? That when the time comes, there won't be ANY Ostrich bags out there waiting for a good home!

    THIS is my karma.....
  4. You know I couldn't agree more; and anyway, we'll be searching the Internet for bags every day until we're 90, so we're bound to find what we want sooner or later...:yes: :biggrin: LOL! By the way, H just called to say that my Pullman has come back, so I'll go Monday or Tuesday to pick it up..and pic!!!:yes:
  5. Shopmom, that's NOT your karma! Look at how Princess Kelly fell into your lap. Do you still not know how amazing and RARE that color/leather/size combo is? :smile:
    And your other two Kellys - they are perfect!
  6. Oh, you guys are WONDERFUL! Thank you Greentea....and Duna - can't WAIT to see your family pic! What fun you'll have next week!
  7. It is great to have such an amazing support system here!
  8. Her time will come, and one day it will just be *plop*. There she is on your lap. BTW, I do like it better with gold hardware.
  9. Gorgeous bag! When the right time comes, you'll have yours shopmom!
  10. Me too!:yes:
  11. is this bag real?
  12.'s the real deal.....:flowers:
  13. It's beautiful shopmom! but I'm sure the "one" for you will surely find you someday soon!

    (OMG, the Croc miel Kelly 32 is TDF!!!)