Here my little LV collection...*_*

  1. Hey all, i have only started carrying LV recently and learned alot on the forum espically the AUTHENTICATION forum on my purchases:sweatdrop::yes:


    I hope i will be able to add more ..:supacool::graucho: Thxs again for the help everyone have given me:okay:
  2. Ooohh... nice collection! I like your black Epi Soft Briefcase the most!!! :nuts:

    I enjoy seeing you in the authentication thread btw! :tup:
  3. Nice collection!! Briefcase is awesome, especially!!
  4. i like the epi briefcase too. ive been thinking about getting it, maybe by the end of the month!
  5. Great Collection.
  6. Nice collection, I love the briefcase too.
  7. the Viktor will always have special meaning to me, was my first bag love. thanks for sharing!
  8. That's a really pretty organiser you have there!

    PM me about how your next visit to Hilton went okie! :smile:
  9. i went to hilton but did not get the WICHITA as its was scratched up..:sad: SA siad wil get me a new one next week:flowers:
  10. I love the Briefcase, that is totally hot, I really love epi. Great collection
  11. Oh okie... which country are they getting it from? :yahoo:
  12. Great coolection... This place is so addicting!!!
  13. love your Epi briefcase!!I almost got one for myself, but realize it was too small for me.Awesome collection!!