Here little presentation of Victorine RB

  1. If you want to see? Here she is. I´am not sure if I hold or exchange this beauty. The card slots very stiff and the coin compartement is a joke (and if cards before it is diffucult to came on coins) But she is so cute and the perfect size and look. Maybe the card slots will go a little bit easier in future? Thank you at the Victorine owners they help me before.

    In the second a little comparison with Eva, Sarah and 6 Key holder
    victorine RB3.jpg victorine compar.1.jpg victorine RB5.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your beautiful new treasure! You have such an adorable little collection and it fits in perfectly!
  3. I used mine for a week now and the cards slots are becoming a little easier... I agree the coin compartment is a joke, you have to pull out all the coins to take one. But it is so cute, I couldn't return it.
  4. thanks:winkiss:
    thank you for that information. I hope for softer card slots:cool:
  5. I'm returning mine today. I prefer using my empreinte key cles. It's just more manageable. It is a beauty though. Enjoy!!
  6. Beautiful.
  7. So pretty but why didn't LV add a gusset on one side for the coin pouch?
  8. I have brought mine back confused..I have open a new thread for that.:nogood: