Here kitty, kitty, kitten heels!

  1. I've only just started wearing heels seriously (other than the one-night-in-new-heels-hell type event) and I want to get some kitten heels.

    I'd love to see what you ladies can suggest. Preferrably from e-stores that ship overseas as I'm still in Europe :yes:

    I've seen the Marcia from Louboutin and loved them but I didn't get a chance to get them last year :cry:
  2. Perja, I love kitten heels, they look good with skirt/dress in all length, they go with pants, jeans, capris. I wouldn't suggest you ordering them online though especially when you are not familiar with the brand, try them on in a shop is the best. Most important of all, you ARE in Europe, the shoes are nice there, there is no need to order them online?! Where in Europe are you? It looks like you might be in the NLDs (from your signature)? I used to live in A'dam, there are quite a few nice shoe shops there to choose from?
  3. My one sister-in-law (she turned me on to tPF) can walk in 4-6 inch heels, but she can't walk in kitten heels.....hahahahahah
    That is sooooo weird to me!!!!:biggrin:
  4. Nah, I'm in Paris (okay, don't shoot me for asking for advice here first :P). So far, all the kitten heels I have seen have been pure, unadultered :censor:, so I figured I'd ask here for suggestions and ideas.
  5. PARIS?...:mad:...just kidding:P. So you are looking for more matured looking kitten heels? I tend to wear less girly shoes too, but I must admit I haven't been looking for kitten heels lately, so not sure what's out there. Do you have any pictures as to what style you are looking for? Maybe then we can look out for you.
  6. The ones I really liked were the "Marcia" by Christian Louboutin. It was a loafer type shoe with a kitten heel.

    I haven't seen anything good lately either. I think I need to go shopping (uh oh... :biggrin:)
  7. Have you tried Net A Porter?

    They have loads of kitten heels including these fabby Botteg Veneta ones;

    [​IMG] £270.

    very different to the loafer style but personally, I think fabulous for summer;

    [​IMG]£210 Miss Trish of Capri


    [​IMG] in their sale from £395 to £237!

    Is thereason you want kitte nheels becasue you are new (ish) to full time heel wearing? If so, you might consider wedges. they give you an awful lot more support than heels but can be equally chic! Ne also have these Kors wedges at the bargain knockdown price of just £78! They are a loafer style so I thought you might like those;


    alternatively, I belive Tods have soem pairs very similar to the Bottegas at the top.
  8. dear lordy !! I forgot about these! Again, Net A Porter!

    [​IMG] £375

    :love: :love: :love:
  9. I saw these on ebay the other day, they would be great for the summer.

    Great choices, PAP!
    prada1.jpg prada2.jpg LAOBOUTIN.gif
  10. oooh... :love::love::love::love: those are really cute!
  11. Thanks PAP, those are really cute. I have a pair of Louboutin wedges but I don't like the look they give with more formal clothing. I'm gunning for a pair of Hermes wedges for this. I just wanted to try something different.

    My ideal kitten heels would be closed all around (I have a pair of kitten heeled sandals).
  12. oooh! I just saw last night & immediately thought you you & your kitten heel quest! Gap have some that are really really similar to the Bottegas in my first post! but they were only £20! so maybe you could get those (& at that price in all the fabulous colours!) to try them out? before investing hard cash in high end heels? Just a thoguht. I'll see if I can find a pic!
  13. I'm sorry, I can't find a pic.
  14. GAP? Thanks, I'll go check 'em out. That'll be better than spending cold, hard cash immediately :biggrin:
  15. Hehe, i kinda get that - i can't walk in flats or very small heels (i end up looking like a drunk penguin trying to rollerskate) yet i can walk easily in anything that is over 3" in height....i suppose it's what you get used to eh?:yes: