Here Italy:info'

  1. Hi everybody...maybe it isn't so interesting,but I wish I could help who lives nearby or some "fashion turist":smile: Yesterday I went to "Duca D'Aosta" here in Padua:now they have a white GH City,a white First,a café(?) First, two anthracite Courier and a Part time in skin and fabric(?). For the next season(they said it'll arriving around the half of August)they have put in order some black,tomato(they said "red"..I think it'll be tomato..),violet Bbags,but maybe they will put in order also some brown ones.:yahoo:

  2. Thanbks Oli for the heads up: maybeyou could send the details of this shop to the moderators of this section so that they can add Duca D'Aosta to the Italian places that sell legit B-Bags! :yes:
  3. i know Cracker wanted the Anthra courier! will they ship internationally?
  4. Moving to shopping section.
  5. Pleasecan U tel me how much the anthracite courier was and do U have a pfonenumber????????

    Thanx FX:heart:
  6. Called all three stores today and they don't have any anthracite. :sad:
  7. Awww...are you sure they knew what color you were talking about? It seems strange that there were two a couple of days ago and now there are none...??

  8. They said they didn't have the Courier and nothing in Anthracite available. They seemed to know the color because it's the almost the same name in italian...antracite. I'm still searching. I've got someone on the inside looking for me now.:graucho: