Here it is! The Huge Hillier Hobo!!!!

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  1. I am SO excited about this bag. It's exactly what I hoped the Dr. Groovee would be and do for me. The short strap is long enough to go over my shoulder (the smaller Hillier has a drop of 3" less) and the long strap is actually long enough for it to be the length I wanted (down to about my hip). The leather is thick and soft, it's not as heavy as the Groovee, and it's a nice, simple, classic MJ bag.

    I took some pictures of the Groovee and Huge Hillier together so you can see the difference in size and strap length.

    Love love love love love it!

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  2. How gorgeous!

    Can you (if its not a pain in the butt) post a pic wearing it? I wanna see just how "huge" it is.
  3. It looks great Dawn! Congrats!
  4. Congrats, that's a really nice bag, really like the extra shoulder strap :smile:
  5. Love it in black! It's super cute.
  6. Oooh! Pretty. The leather looks so soft. :smile:

    Glad you found something that will work.
  7. Congrats Dawn!
    I'm so glad it worked out for you! I didn't realize the drop of the "long" strap of the Groovee was so short until you pointed it out. I think he may have shortened the strap over the seaons?

    Either way, the bag looks so yummy! Enjoy using her!
  8. Dawn, she is PERFECT!! I am so happy she was everything you expected and more. Now I am absolutely convinced that I need to have this style.
  9. It's gorgeous.
    I think it's very versatile, too.
  10. I have this bag in saddle and now im tempted to get it in black too! Love it! stunning, and I have the big one too, the size is perfect for me, glad someone else has the larger one too
  11. sooo pretty!! modeling pics!! :smile:
  12. I am a total disaster right now (getting ready to color my hair). Maybe if I'm feeling a little more, um, clean later, I will post modeling pics. I'm self-conscious, so if I don't...I'm sorry!!! :shame:
  13. Very cute bag!
  14. Oohhh, what color for your hair? You going to show us some before and afters?? :angel:
  15. ^^hehe, same color. I was sick of spending $160 every couple months at the salon. My stylist couldn't believe I did it myself and always give me pointers. It's this: