Here it is - SJ's new arrival

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  1. Ok, so I went planning to buy the aqua Roxy & I very nearly did! I was actually paying for it when I spotted something on the counter behind. It turned out this mono Mabel had a very little mark on the back (which no-one is ever going to see) so I was able to bring her home for an absolutely fantastic price (thanks Shepton!).
    You'll all be very relieved to hear that she's non-returnable so none of my usual faffing around returning & then re-buying.
    My entire wardrobe revolves around black & white (much as I try to break away) so this bag is one that I should always have had. I'm very pleased.

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  2. SJ thats lovely good for you..............
  3. SJ, thats fab! It suits you so well! This bag was totally made for you, congrats, you finally have your mabel!
  4. Congrats, she's lovely :yahoo:
  5. It will look fab with red........
  6. Ha, ha! Couldn't get the red bag so will make do with red clothes!! There's quite a few of those in my wardrobe already.
  7. Yippeee!!!!!!!
  8. Ooooo,now I really want one Hahhahhahahaa!!!!
  9. Oh, not sure it would suit you!!!!! :lol:
  10. Love It!!!
  11. congrats! what a great find, lucky you spotted it behind the counter. it's lovely!
  12. Fabulous, it looks gorgeous on you.
  13. Now I do hope they are the right shade:yes:
  14. Love it!!! Absolutely amazing, congrats! So happy for you, and lol @ non-refundable... This bag will look fab for summer, and I don't see why you couldn't use it all year round.
  15. Oh don't even go there!!! I'm honestly believing now that I imagined that blasted bright red Mabel. Perhaps I should go bespoke & get them to make one up for me!