Here it is - Sarajane's new Prada satchel - pix

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  1. OK all, here she is in all her glory - with and without the horrid canvas strap.
    I'm warming to the bag now and I am using it. I just loathe the canvas strap and am trying to order a long leather one from Prada as this bag is great as a messenger too.
    So what do you all think??

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  2. Sarajane, it's beautiful!!!! YAY! It looks soooo soft! I love the shape and the color! And it looks great on you, too! :woohoo:

    What's not to love!? :happydance:
  3. Ah Minette, you are a tonic! The colour is great and it is incredibly soft. It's quite floppy - much less structured than the Miu Mius but I'm liking it much more now. Thanks for the vote of approval!
  4. Sarajane, how wide is it? Honestly, it doesn't look too big to me... from the pic, I like the size! Also, I think that canvas strap will look great with jeans and a tee... good for those warm, lazy summer days...
  5. Simply beautiful! Wear it in good health!

  6. Yurrrry nice! :tup:

  7. It's 17 inches across - a good 4 inches wider than my bow satchel. Heard back from Prada - no go on a leather strap so going to have to get used to the canvas one. Talking of warm, lazy summer days - we're actually having one here in the UK today, it's glorious!

  8. thank you muchly! You are all making me feel much better, perhaps I didn't boob after all with this bag...
  9. Very nice, I think the canvas strap goes well with that colour, i've seen the canvas strap on the darker brown and it doesn't look so good, but your's looks great.

  10. I saw a black one with canvas strap and really didn't like it. This colour can probably get away with it being neutral. Prada in London said it was designed to give the bag a casual look. Apparently Prada won't let anyone order a strap that wasn't designed to go with the bag - so have to live with it!
    Hope Scotland really is sunny today - Wiltshire certainly is....
  11. Gosh no, you didn't "boob" with this bag. I love that bag, but I'm a shoulder strap kind of gal. I love hand carried bags, don't get me wrong, but I have carpal tunnel and when I grip even a lightweight handbag for any time, my hand goes numb, hence my preference for shoulder bags. I don't really care for or need the crossbody strap, so I'm diggin' the handheld look on yours. :tup:
  12. i think she is GORGEOUS!!! I hope you are feeling better about her?
  13. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!
  14. It's turning into quite a nice sunny evening here too :smile:
  15. Sarajane...

    LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE that bag!!! It's almost the same as mine but a different color!! And I LOVE my bag.

    I think you'll grow to LOVE it. For sure. It's a great great bag. I have the leather strap on mine... I happen to use it quite often, but to be honest - I think the bag looks better carried in your arm - so I try to hold it like that - I also think it's better for the bag - the strap tends to make it slouch a bit so it will eventually stretch.

    You think Prada would sell you another strap! I asked the same question on my gauffre - because I had the '06 and wanted the slimmer strap on the '07 - when I asked them in the showroom they just looked at me like I was nuts!

    Perhaps you have another strap on a different bag you could swap out? I was swapping out my Antic Cervo strap and attaching it to the gauffre and it looked great! Try it if you have another...

    otherwise... use the bag on your arm, it's a stunning stunning bag. And I know eventually you will end up getting another bag with a strap.

    Thanks for posting pix - the bag looks gorgeous on you! :yes:
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