Here it is - Sarajane's new Miu Miu! Pics

  1. Some of you will probably have realised by now that I have a dreadful time making my mind up about bags. I bought the Prada e/w gauffre satchel in Nice and promptly sent it back when I got home to the UK!
    After much agonising I bought the Miu Miu coffer in black which I totally love. And here she is.....
    P5040047.JPG P5040041.JPG P5040048.JPG
  2. I love both of your bags! Congratulations! It's great that you finally got something that you like!
  3. The coffer is beautiful, it looks great on you. Congrats!
  4. Loving the Coffer and I love Nice, I spent my spring break there.
  5. Gorgeous! Congrats Sarajane.
  6. Yay Sarajane! Two beauties! I love them both! I tried your bow stachel and loved it! YIPPPEEE for your new black Coffer!!! :woohoo:
  7. Thanks Minette. It was such a relief to finally settle on a bag. I think it (and my mono LV speedy 30) will become my staple winter bags.
    Only problem is I'm now obsessing about a navy blue Fendi spy........! I'm doing red, white and navy clothes this summer and I can't get that bag out of my mind. Only problem is it's £1,100 and I've never spent that much on a bag before. Don't know if I can break the £1k barrier.
  8. Sara!!! Love the coffer!! It looks great on you....aren't you on a cloud!?!?
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's really, really beautiful! The leather looks verrrry soft! :yahoo:
  10. YEAH!!!!!!!
    SHe is gorgeous!!
  11. Congrats she is a beauty!
  12. The leather is wonderful. It's much softer than the bow satchel which is already gorgeous and slouchy. My favourite bits are the two front pockets, just love them for some reason. It is a great bag and I'm so pleased to have made the right decision for once.
  13. Sarajane, I LOVE the pockets, too! I have to carry my cell phone and blackberry for work and these pockets are great for them and super large enough for them, so easily accessible and they're also very cute details on the bag! Love, Love, LOVE this bag! Leather, colors, pockets, handle, strap -- Alllll A+++ YUMMMM!!
  14. Minette, you are so right. Isn't it great when you find a bag that presses all the buttons?! Doesn't happen too often with me, so I'm enjoying the moment. I've had two hits with Miu Miu now so I'm beginning to think this is a good range for me. Now for something in tan or navy!!
  15. hey sarajane, what is the exact measurement for the small off-white bow satchel that u have? i read it somewhere the message u posted saying the measurement. But i dont really understand, in short, issit 12.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 ?