here it is - RED PATENT 2.55 s/s2008

  1. here's a pic of the red patent 2.55... (thanks Marl for the pic)
  2. Love the red patent. It is so sexy!!
  3. *faints*
  4. Ooh pretty!
  5. i think i just came
  6. Wow!!!
  7. Where am I? In Chanel heaven?? :angel:
  8. So pretty!:love:
  9. stunning!
  10. OMG!

    …wait CLUNCK...did you hear that?
    That was my head passing out on my keyboard!:drool::drool::drool:

    Between this and that Purple reissue I have officially overdosed!
    Who’s carrying it and what’s the price?
  11. Oh my, it's breathtaking!!
  12. Wow! GORGEOUS!
  13. Amour thanks so much for sharing :smile:it looks interesting.the h/w seem tarnished gold to me
    BTW I just love your red Kelly on your Avatar:love:
  14. ^^^:lol::lol::lol:
  15. wow thats gorgeous!!!

    where is that pic from? which store is getting this and could someone guess which size 2.55 this is in the pic?