HERE IT updated Bbag family pics!

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  1. A few of you have asked for this so here it is. Of course I'm not keeping ALL of these but for the most part I am. I think I need to add some color to my collection!




  2. One more!
  3. Very lovely diversification of styles! Love the Ink Twiggy and Aquamarine (?) City : )

    I wish you well,

  4. Beautiful collection! I especially adore your magenta!
  5. That is one fantastic collection, huge too:tup:
  6. WOW, M, your collection is REALLY impressive! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us...
  7. I forgot to tell you what colors they are.
    Top row: Black Large toilet, Truffle Shoulder, Black Day, Grenat small toilet and Sapin Box
    Middle row: Sandstone Work, Marron Weekender and Grenat Part Time
    Bottom row: Truffle Purse, Black coin purse, Natural Shoulder, Aquamarine City, Natural coin purse, Magenta Pouchette and Ink Box

    I am also about to be getting a Black Box!
  8. OMG!!! Such beautiful bags and the colours are TDF!! Thanks for sharing your amazing collection MRG...your magenta pochette is especially gorgeous!!:love::love::love:
  9. Beautiful collection - such rich colors! What are you thinking of adding?
    I love your boxes!
  10. :drool: WOW!!!!
  11. OMG!! I :heart: your collection!! Thanks for the pics!!

    Ohhhh.... must stay strong!! Everytime I see a pic of an Aqua City, it makes me want one - but I must stay strong & be happy with the first that I have!! Love all of the bags, but we have a similiar taste in colors I believe! :P
  12. alison, yes of course I want to add more but I need to find some new homes first! I'd like to add another Box and a few more colors. This Fall I will be adding a Violet and Jaune M/U clutch and Rouge coin purse for sure but I would also like to get a Rouge First and maybe a Steel Hobo. I'm not sure...there's just so many to pic from!:P
  13. OH WOW :drool: <------- I'm drooling here...
  14. Wow... absolutely lovely. I love the wide variety of shapes and sizes you have...
  15. Wooow, great collection.
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