Here it is! My **small** collection!!

  1. Ok, here it is...finally! I feel like I am officially a part of TPF now! I've been reading for months, then started posting, and now here I am!!! :yahoo:
    Daisy in the Speedy.jpg MC Speedy.jpg My two speedys.jpg The LV family.jpg The WHOLE family.jpg
  2. Love your speedies!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Very nice collection! :biggrin:
  4. I love the pic of your pup in the speedy. What breed is she? She looks a lot like my brother's dog.
  5. Oh I pretty cute collection!
  6. Lovely handbags and puppy!
  7. adorable dog! love the red bbag
  8. beautiful collection and your pup is SO cute! :smile: she looks so cute in that speedy!
  9. Very nice!!! Your dog is so cute in your speedy!
  10. very very cute puppy, i want one but DH wont allow it ! :sad:
    very cute collection!
  11. Nice collection! - The dog in the speedy picture is adorable!! :heart:
  12. Thank you!!! Her name is Daisy, she is a yorkshire terrier. I love her!!!! She rules the house!
  13. Love your lovely bags :yes:
  14. i love all of them including your cute lil dog :girlsigh:
  15. Lovely :smile: and adorable dog :love: