Here it is! My new family pic!

  1. After much deliberation, here it is. My family. There will be no updates for a while so i thought it was time for a picture. You can't see the jewelry very well but its an a la folie ring, and bubbles inclusion ring and earrings. Hope you guys like it!

    GEE, i wonder what's next.

    I finally decided on the trouville, i had to say good bye to priscilla, she just wasn't cutting it for me, too much vachetta. but on the bright side, wapity came home with trouville so that she wouldn't be lonely.

    hey btw, canadian prices are now cheaper than us prices. plus the trouville and wapity did not go up in price.
  2. Whoa, major eye candy!! Love your Family shot..congrats on the Wapity and Trouville!
  3. not the best of pictures, but i only had my phone on me.
  4. lol, thanks lynpink! your collection is more eye candy you know! i lvoe your mirage speedy!
  5. Gorgeous collection!!! Everything is so pretty, Congrats on your new purchases aswell!
  6. great collection! lots of stuff i like!
  7. thanks kaiiechanel and mikissima !!! i'm actually quite surprised at my collection, it's grown so much!
  8. Great collection!! Love it!!
  9. wow, i LOVE every piece in your collection!!!! You have great taste :smile:
  10. I love some eye candy and boy does your post supply a heaping amount of it. Lvoe your collection; especially your trouville and azur pieces. Wear them in good health :smile:.
  11. What a lovely family portrait. Congratulations!
  12. Wow I love your collection!
  13. LOVE yr collection..:tup:.. u said price is cheaper than US. by how much and do thye ship to USA?..:confused1:
  14. nice collection! love the sunset blvd!
  15. Great Collection!