Here it is: MY NEW DAMIER SPEEDY 30!!!

  1. :love: :love: :love:
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats! :love:
  3. Who hoo! Congrats, love it:love: Can't wait to get mine...

    PS. Where was yours made?
  4. OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!! That is SOOO nice! Beautiful!!:love: I'm hopefully getting mine tomorrow. If it's possible...can you post pics of the inside? TIA!!!!!!!!:biggrin: OMG, I'm so excited now to get mine! It's sooo pretty! Enjoy!!!!!!!:amuse:
  5. Yaaayyy...congrats !!!

    I really need to get ready to pick up mine...
  6. stupid monogram....

  7. Love it! Can you please post a pic of it full and show us if it sags?
  8. LVaddict, congrats! It's beautiful! Me lovey!!!!!!
  9. I know how you feel Sophia, I will give my mono speedy 30 either to MIL or my mom because I can't justify to have 2 speedy 30 in canvas.
  10. Congrats! I love it!
  11. Can you pls take the pics the bag on you, Irene
  12. :love: Congratulations!!
  13. beautiful bag... im running to LV store now......
  14. pretty.... i can't decide if i like the 25 or 30 better.
  15. Thank you, ladies!!! It says made in France.:smile: Here are some pics of the inside:
    PICT2648.JPG inside.JPG
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