Here it is: MY NEW BLUE Le Fabuleux!!!

  1. OK! So I OFFICIALLY declare myself CRAZY and def. heading for LV padded cell (anybody else have their local LV store on their speed dial?)!!!:lol: I couldn't wait till Tuesday so I raced downtown this afternoon to pick up my LeFab!!! THE BAG IS SO HOT IRL, I can't even begin to tell you!!!:love:
    Oh, and FYI, LV store in Toronto has white fringe speedy available to buy.;)
  2. OMG! Beautiful Le Fab! Looks perfect on you! The blue is my favorite Suhali color. :love: :heart:
  3. :rolleyes: You are so HOT!!!!!!!!! :P I mean the bag & you Look hot.:graucho: .Enjoy it you krazy Girl!!!!
  4. ditto. that is what i was just thinking.

    i just saw this bag IRL a month ago and it is gorgeous!!!

  5. Beautiful Le Fab! :graucho: Congrats and enjoy it! :biggrin:
  6. Congrats! It's stunning! I love the color.
  7. I'm moving into your closet. I think we need to see an updated family photo....
  8. That is so gorgeous. I always find sky blue color bag goes good with any jeans.
  9. omg! gorgeous!!! such a beauty!
  10. That purse looks Fabuleux on you!!!

    I just LOVE it! Congratulations!
  11. OMG, Irene!!!! The bag is TDF!!!! Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and say what everyone (well, almost) wants to say.....

    I WANT TO BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha Ha. :smile: Congrats!!! It's awesome! Enjoy!!!
  12. I thought exactly the same... :amazed:
    You and your new baby look GREAT, absolutely stunning.
  13. AMAZING!!!!

    You are the good kind of crazy!
  14. Looks hot with those jeans !

    And thanks for the heads up on the fringe stuff, I think I may make a trip downtown in the near future !
  15. OMG It looks so gorgeous! I love that blue color:love::love::love: