Here it is...My Magenta City

  1. Ok ladies...I came home to a beautiful Magenta City waiting for me...what more could you ask for, right?

    As promised, here are some pics! I didn't realize how incredibly LIGHT and soft this bag is! I went out to dinner with my bf and I couldn't concentrate on anything he was saying because I was busy staring at this beauty.:love: :love:
  2. LOL! Great bag, congrats!!!
  3. Ooooh gorgeous, I don't blame you for fondling it - I'm known to do that with my b-babies too... it's way too hard to resist, their leather is just divine! :biggrin:
  4. Congrats!
  5. Yummy magenta!! Congrats...
  6. Oh and I forgot to mention...I got my paws on a magenta boobie on bluefly the other day (somehow it arrived today...the fastest service i've EVER received from bluefly!!) IT MUST BE FATE!!

    I actually ordered a black one by mistake and then was able to order the magenta one later (thanks to a great PF member holding it form me). Somehow the magenta came but not the black. Like I said, FATE!

    So here is a pic of the boobie by itself and then attached to my bag :love:

    Please PM me if you want the black boobie, otherwise I'll be returning it to bluefly
    CIMG0538.JPG CIMG0539.JPG
  7. omg... you lucky girl..... magenta is in my next list bag.... btw, where did you get your magenta?
  8. Gorgeous color! And it looks so NEW too. Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous color and bag! Congratulations!!!
  10. WOW! You scored an awesome bag! I LOVE the color!!!
  11. I just love the colour, congrats!! I want a first in this colour!!!!
  12. Stunning choice of color! Congrats you lucky girl!
  13. Gorgeous colour!! I don't think I could keep my eyes off it either!!!
  14. Now I want a magenta!!!!
  15. i'm still loving the magenta! congrats on the great bag!!!! woo hoo!