here it LION KEYFOB!!

  1. So I was on my way out today to my nail appointment and who do I run into in the walkway but the fedex man..........whew thank God I saw him before hubby!
    Anywho he delivered my lion keyfob! It's so cute and hairy!!

    I'm supposed to be cleaning out the closet but I just had to post a pic for my Coach tPF gals (DH took kids on an errand real quick) hehe.

    I took two pics, one with a flash and one w/o. The one with the flash you can sorta tell that his mane is hairy. It feels funny.

  2. That is sooooo adorable!!! Definitley adding that one to my wishlist.
  3. Too cute!
  4. Very cute!
  5. So cute!
  6. That's really cute, thanks for the pics!
  7. cute cute cute!
  8. Eep I can't wait to get mine!!!! The mane is furry? SWEET!
  9. So it!!
  10. Super cute! Congrats!
  11. ack that thing is so cute!
  12. Adorable! Ordered one yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive.
  13. Ahh it's so cute!! I want one!!
  14. SO cute! Thanks for posting Tracy!:yes:
  15. Want!!!!!!!