Here it is! Chanel Reissue 226 Gold Hardware *PICS*

  1. Got this bag through lovely TPF enablers like katie123, thegraceful1, minnie04 and foxyclepatra! :yahoo:Here it is! Can't wait to carry it tonight!

    I posted pics of this black reissue in 226, next to my 2.55 in beige in the 255 size just to compare. When i first got the black bag, I was rather concerned about the lock. It seems so tarnished and rather scratched looking...but when i look at other pics of the bag, it seems the same way too. The leather is also much thinner than my caviar 2.55. I noticed that the bottom of the bag was someone creased in the middle as a result of shipping (they did pack it nicely with the dustcover inside...but I don't think it was thick enough. What do you think ladies?
    My 226 Back.JPG My 226 Without Flash.JPG My Chanels.JPG
  2. Congratulations! it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:, are you happy w/ it?, it's supposed to look a bit "worn look", and yes the lock supposed to look like that too, and the bottom is supposed to fold a little bit, did you ended it up getting from Chanel SCP/ SA Marie Scott?
  3. Stunning! Congrats ispy! Just a glance at those pics makes me miss mine like craaaaazy; that side-by-side comparison photo makes it even more apparent to me that I prefer it over the classic caviar flaps, except for maybe my red flap! I unfortunately returned my 226 black reissue (a VERY hard and sad decision indeed) as I've been making too many purchases lately and decided that I ought to enjoy what I've got first (still have some flaps never used and with tags uncut....sigh). I LOVE that bag though and will most likely be buying it "back" one day, one day! -- although I'm sure by then it'll be a rare piece available on eBay with a high premium....oh well :sad: But for now I'll enjoy it vicariously through you and the other ladies who have it!
  4. Congrats on the beautiful bag! I love the vintagey look of the hardware... goes really well with the look of the reissue!
  5. It is stunning!! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!
  7. it is BEAUTIFUL. i love the black and gold reissues!

    with regards to some of your concerns-- you have nothing to be worried about! :yes: The gold h/w is meant to look aged/vintagey, so its not supposed to be shiny like the h/w on the classic flaps. Also, the leather is indeed thinner, i.e. the quilts aren't quite as "puffed up", and also the crease at the bottom of the bag is completely normal-- if u do a bit of a search for some of the runway pics of the reissues, you'll notice that all the reissues have this. Enjoy your beautiful new bag!
  8. WOWWWWW! Great collection!
  9. thank you graceful1!!! yes, I did get it from Chanel SCP/Marie Scott in the end. you guys have allayed my sis keeps telling me it looks like a second hand bag or something! She says no one would know it's an expensive bag (she's not a fan of bags by the way...can you tell? :p) But i don't care...i love it for the vintage-y look!

  10. Phew! Thanks so much've given me answers for every single one of my concerns about the bag! I'll now be able to enjoy it in the midst of people like my sister giving me flack for paying so much for something that looks "used"!!!

  11. Your black reissue is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  12. Congrats. I love the black with gold reissue. It is gorgeous.
  13. It is gorgeous! CONGRATS! they both are ...! Enjoy
  14. aww. congrats!! :yahoo::nuts:its a beautiful bag. and dont worry, its supposed to have that vintage look . but once you wear it, its very elegant!!! enjoy your new bag! hope you like it as much as i do! :graucho:
  15. Congrats!! Yes don't worry about the lock and creases, mine is exactly the same. It all adds to the beauty and charm of this bag. Post modelling pics!!