Here it is...Burberry and Coach...LOVE THEM!!!

  1. Hi All~

    I've only been a member of tPF for a couple of weeks and I LOVE IT!! It is so nice to know that there are others out there like me :nuts:

    I am a little older (I believe) than most of fact I'm a granny :roflmfao: I'm mid forties and have turned my daughter, daughter-in-law and grandson into designer freaks as well (that's my grandson with me in my photo.

    I finally got around to taking some photos today. :p

    Enjoy !!
    Burberry 03 tPF.jpg Burberry 04 tPF.jpg Burberry 05 tPF.jpg Burberry Hats.jpg Burberry umbrella and perfume.jpg
  2. Here's the Coach... :yahoo:
    black emmas and matching bag.JPG Coach LOVE IT.jpg Coach Swing Packs etc.jpg Coach Various.jpg
  3. Awesome collection! Love your hats!!
  4. Very nice collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Love your burberry collection!
  6. Thanks All! It's so much fun sharing...and this site is so addictive...guess that's what got us here to begin with :party:
  7. i can tell you love burberry! lovely coats and hats!! :yes:
  8. Thanks LuvsLV...
  9. everything is beautiful!!!!! great collection!
  10. i LOVE your collection! Its great.
  11. Same here I love this site :heart: :heart: , I belonged to another web fourm and the mear metion of a Coach bag or some other desigenr bag people started saying how dumb it was to buy something so expensive and what a waste of money , on here everyone is very postive and supportive of your purse purchases and they all seem like they have the love as me purses and shoes and no one tries to make you feel bad for spending your hard earned money on a purse ! :yahoo:
  12. love that coach legacy linen tote!! so pretty. gorgeous collection!
  13. very pretty...:smile:
    love the jackets
  14. Great collection.
  15. i like your burberry collection! :yes: