Here is what you helped me choose!

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  1. Thanks to all who commented and gave their advise and opionions on the 3 different types of bags I was looking at! I decided not to get either of the Botkiers in brown that were on sale.(I have so many brown bags already, I was just so tempted by the sale price)

    I decided to get the White peral botkier from all of the white bags I had posted and also decided to get the batignolles from LV. (I can get both of these from same place and they are both in stock!)

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  2. i love both!!
  3. Nice bags! Congrats on your purchase!
  4. Great choices! I think you'll be happy with both.
  5. good choices!!!
    i happy happy for you!!
  6. Congrats on your two lovely choices! When you get them, show us pictures if you can!
  7. Both are great choices, congrats! :biggrin:
  8. both are cute .........
  9. I'm excited for you! I know how happy you'll be with these!
  10. I lvoe them both - lucky you! please post pics!
  11. Congrats Inky Paws! and great choices too!
  12. Great choice on the batignolles, post lots of pictures of them when you can ! ;)
  13. Lucky you! Nice bags!

  14. Very nice!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  15. i have the lv batignolles bag and love it...

    but that botkier bag in white pearl wow....gotta have it~!!!