Here is what I got from Saks EGC Event!

  1. A large green bubble quilt flap!!!:yahoo:She is very cute and I love the shape and the color very much! Here are some pics, and I will post aome modelling pics a s soon as possiable! BTW, the 1st pic is from Elle magazine, originally posted by Cosmopolitian. Thank you very much!:smile:
    Chanel01.JPG IMG_5957.jpg IMG_5958.jpg IMG_5960.jpg
  2. It's sooooo cute, I really like that bag in that color. Congrats!!
  3. It's gorgeous, and of course I love the color. I came so close to buying the same exact style bag. We have cousin bags!!
  4. Thanks a lot!
  5. OMG - that is the most beautiful color!!!!
    I LOVE it!
  6. that is so freaking GORGEOUSSSSSSSS!!
  7. congrats! love the color.
  8. Thank you Michele! Yours is gorgeous too! I almost got yours, because it's a little bit bigger than mine. The reason why I chose this one is I can carry it as a cluch. Enjoy your bags!!!:tup:
  9. Congrats! I have the Bubble Quilt bowler, but I love that large flap!
  10. That's so gorgeous. Congrats!
  11. Thank you very much Lady chinadoll, Charlene, newbie and Tammy518 AND Elodie!:yes:
  12. modeling pics, please?? :yes:
    OMG now I'm killing myself for not trying on the dk beige bubble quilt flap...
  13. Exellecent choice Fashionfreak!!!:drool::drool: and the color and shape are to die for, enjoy it!!!
  14. This is the perfect color green! I just love this style and color together - perfect!

    ITA, Cosmo finds the best bag pics!!

  15. Gorgeous! It looks so soft...I love the bubble quilt, congrats!