Here Is The Pictures Of My Teal City!!!

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  1. :P Here she is! She came in mint condition, except for dryness. My LMB Bal kit and Apple Conditioner arrived when the bag did. There was one tiny mark which looked like pen, pencil, or makeup, and it came out instanly with LMB's cleaner. I was going to use one of these products to treat the whole bag, but I didn't like the smell of either. It wasn't that they smelled horrible, I just love how Bal leather smells. So I used what I have used before. I warm a combo of Cetephil Cream and Glysomed Hand Cream in my hands and massage into the bag. After she was moisturized I used LMB's Shine Restore. I will let you know how long it takes for the smell of that to disappear. If you look in the before photo it looks like the corners are worn, but actually IRL they were just very dry. But when I was done treating it, the bag was looking beautiful and brand new. I am used to Bal bags looking a different color in different lighting, but this one is really, really different than the photos of it in the listing. Beverly has one, and hers looks blue green, and this one looked more green than blue in the seller's photos. And in my photos and IRL, the bag looks really blue. I will try and include a listing photo, so you can tell me what you think. I made her a tassle but didn't work to hard in coming up with a charm. Although the bag is in brand new condition, and further cements my love for the 05 bags, I will probably be letting her go. And only because I prefer the vibrant colors from 05 just a tad bit more than this color. Pic 1 is the bag after treatment, Pic 2 is her tassle, Pic 3 is the bag before treatment, and Pics 4 & 5 the bag after.

  2. ;) Here ya go pp100! This is an example of how different lighting in photos can make the bags look sooo different! And 2 pictures from the listing. Pic 1 is outside with clouds covering the sun, Pic 2 is with the flash on, Pic 3 is direct sunlight, Pics 4 & 5 are pictures from the listing, which still blow me away when I compare them to my pictures of the bag!
    And the tale of two City's......

    IMG_4886.jpg IMG_4891.jpg IMG_4980.jpg 7f68_1_sbl.jpg 8ed8_1_sbl.jpg
  3. omigosssshhhhh congrats..she's perfect!!!:yahoo: :drool: :love:
  4. Beautiful bag, Deana - what a great chameleon color!!! I love your whole collection! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a teal bag with such deep, rich color and in such great condition. Congratulations!
  6. OMG - the difference in the listing pics and yours!! As usual - LOVE what you've done with your teal and she looks like she's a completely different bag than the listing! Your pics show a really gorgeous brand new looking teal city!

    Beautiful Deana! I especially love how she looks in that first family portrait.
  7. Wow that bag is gorgeous....all your bags look fantastic!

    BTW Glysomed rocks, it is the best hand cream and cheap too!
  8. :shame: the first post I listed what was in each photo, but the photos aren't included. So let's try again. Pic 1 the bag after treatment, Pic 2 her new braided tassle, Pic 3 bag before treatment and this is where the corners look worn, Pics 4 & 5 bag after treatment...

    IMG_4901.jpg IMG_4964.jpg IMG_4871.jpg IMG_4937.jpg IMG_4933.jpg
  9. Wow!! That looks amazing! I can't believe how much the conditioning helped it. It looks so close to the twiggy in color, it is gorgeous!!
  10. yes very blue, close to the twiggy, is in very good condition!
  11. Wow Deana, what a difference. Thank you for doing the pics. One thing fabulous about Balenciagas is that some of them are like getting 3 bags in one. As usual, they are posted and dressed up perfectly. I always eagerly await your pictures and your bags are all beautiful and look like they were just bought from BYN today. Stunning as always girlfriend! :yes: I hope that you find someone to make those leather strips like you discussed previously. If you need a match for eggplant or rose, just ask. I will send you one of my tassels. :yes: I love those braids. :love:
  12. :shame:
    Thanks you guys! As usual you guys are always sooo sweet with your compliments!! It's amazing to me as well how these bags can transform with a little TLC! And the chameleon qualities are mind blowing. I can't think of one other designer bag that can match these qualities. I really love how the braids can change up the bags as well, and I don't feel right having the only ones when so many sweet ladies here have expressed the desire to have them. I would love nothing more than to see many of your bags with pretty braids. Just to be clear, that is not about me selling them and making money, and I won't buy and use Bal tassles to make them for others. I just love to see a world filled with pretty things, which is why I love sharing the love for Bal bags here on the pf! So I am continuing my search, and I have a few prospects to some leather that may be just the ticket. Thanks pp100 for the offer, I admit to drooling over the thought of so many pretty braid combos. It has actually transferred some of my bag cravings by dreaming of charms and braids instead. Once I accomplish a few things, I would love to make braids for anyone who has tassles they want put together, at no charge of course!!!
  13. Stunning! I agree that's the deepest richest color teal I've ever seen. All your bags look rich and luscious. I know you've only started collecting recently, so it's amazing how you've found these older colors/leathers in such great shape.
    I love your collection, and as always, your presentation is a sight for sore eyes. Keep them photos coming!
  14. Beautiful!! I love how you have all the tassels lined up perfectly!
  15. :shame:
    Deco...thanks so much! Your collection so AMAZING, for you to admire my few bags is a great compliment. Whenever I think of your bags I break out in a sweat contemplating the numerous braid combo's that could be made with all your tassles. Before you toss any away because they are in too bad of shape to put on your bag, consider throwing them my way. Even the worsed of tassles can look good when braided.
    mpark...thank you! I do go overboard on tassle arrangement, don't I?