here is the new speedy!

  1. Hi everyone..

    I dont know if anyone has post pics of these yet but here is a new Speedy 30 in Mini Lin...please correct me if I'm wrong...I like it, but I want the Azur more;) ! what do you all think? here is the cles as well...enjoy!
    img10613730443.jpg img10613730445.jpg img10613730446.jpg img10613730429.jpg img10613730431.jpg
  2. I think ill want the azur more too ;)
  3. :nuts: I like it ! Just hope it's durable. Love the Cles too.Thanks for the pics!:flowers:
  4. First and foremost, thanks for posting the pics.

    I actually like this Speedy? :shrugs: Since it's made of the same material as the Men's '05 Isfahan bags, the bag looks ok to me. :P
  5. Hmmmm.. the speedy... well.. not so much. The cles however I LOVE! A must have. When will these be out?
  6. Thanks for posting the pics!!
    I personally don't like Speedys very much...but that Speedy is very cute! I like the pochette clefs too!!
  7. I like it! Looks like it would be a winter season bag.
  8. yup, I agree with you's more for fall winter, I think its a nice bag, but it does not scream at me..."MUST HAVE!!"...I def fell in love with the azur more...there are also more items available...such as the PTI and Zippy wallet, messenger etc...
  9. more pics from the line...:yes:
    img10613730418.jpg img10613730420.jpg img10613730449.jpg img10613730447.jpg img10613730451.jpg
  10. What is it made out of? I assumed canvas like the mono but is that not right?
  11. here is the mc satin...not sure if it was already posted...
    img10613725337.jpg img10613725339.jpg
  12. I like it! does anyone know when it comes out and the prices?

  13. I heard from other pf that it is similar to mini mono...but more durable and stain/fray resistant
  14. I like that Amazone-looking bag... I'm in need of a camera bag...
  15. Im not really digging the new Mini Lin. :shrugs: