Here is the new edition to the Spy family!

  1. Not sure of it to start with but sooooo loving it now - haven't stopped wearing it since I got it.... Friends are telling me it's the most number of days they have saw me with the same handbag.....:heart:
  2. Gorgeous! COngrats
  3. OMG, secret_shopaholic its TDF, totaly beyond gorgeous, Loves it!
  4. Pretty Color! Congrats!
  5. stop showing us this gorgeous bag! you are just showing off now :biggrin:

    Seriously though, I absolutely adore it. I bet you are so glad you went for it now. :heart:
  6. Congratulations!! :love: :love: :love:
  7. Congrats to you! It's my favorite Spy!
  8. Wow! The Wisteria in white. Very, very pretty bag. Congrats and it's nice to hear that you are soooo happy with it. :smile:
  9. love it!
  10. Love it - congratulations!:yahoo:
  11. congrats!
  12. Major congrats!! It's gorgeous!!:heart:
  13. very nice, congrats!
  14. i always messup my white bags!
  15. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo: