here is the khaki/bronze carly

  1. it looks like the khaki gold to me and i am a little disappointed. i ordered it sunday and got it this morning. what do you all think?

    found a pic of the khaki gold for comparison pics
  2. I'm lovin' it! Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. I think it's cute. I would really like to see somebody with the khaki/chocolate carly because I'm really considering purchasing one of those but I would like to see one.
  4. It does lean more toward gold than bronze in my opinion, too. But it is, of course, gorgeous!! Congrats!
  5. Mine is on the way, and another member is waiting on hers also. I'll post pics when it gets here for sure.

    The khaki/bronze is beautiful! Congrats & enjoy :tup:
  6. Me likes!
  7. Me likes too!!!!!!!!!
  8. I Love it! What kind of wallet,wristlet or mini skinny would you put with this
    great color?
  9. nice............Kind of more Gold-ish but still beautiful!
  10. more like gold than I thought, but I really like it! :tup:
  11. I love it! :love: I actually like that it is more gold.
  12. It does seem gold but the true gold is real pale. This does look darker and is really pretty. I wonder if the gold accessories out now would match it?
  13. It is kinda gold, but it's beautiful! I love it!!!
  14. Ooo...sooo pretty!!! You're right though, it does look more like gold than bronze. Still gorg. in my book! Hope you are enjoying it!! Congrats!!!
  15. I love how it's almost a silver/gold combo.