here is the herbag

  1. So, thanks to all of you, here is the herbag. :heart: Thank you ladies for telling me it has been discontinued.
    herbag1.jpg herbag2.jpg herbag3.jpg herbag4.jpg herbag5.jpg
  2. and here is the agenda!! veau rodeo.
    agenda2.jpg agenda3.jpg agenda4.jpg

    She's the same colour combo as mine, but mine isn't the backpack style...I have the natural toile "bottom" and a black "bottom"......

    yours is lovely!!! Love the colour of your agenda - great choices!!! That will look SO fab inside the vert anis!!!!
  4. Thanks K.:smile:
    You are right, it's a backpack (the only think I dislike in this bag) I would have liked more the one you have, but it was the onlyone left....:crybaby:
  5. loving your agenda and herbag is that anew colour ? and if you dont mind can you tell me what price it was ?:smile:
  6. Congratulations, Costa! I'm so glad you were able to find one.
  7. Is the herbag discontinued ??????
  8. Yum! for both the agenda and the bag! Congratulations and wear them in good health!
  9. Woohooo! Congrats, costa! Love the Herbag and red agenda! The hippo cadenas you hung on the Herbag is so cute. I'm thinking I may need me one of those.. Ack, there is just so much temptation in this forum. Before I joined, I didn't know I needed so many things, lol!
  10. :lol: I know! It's the same for me.
    Katy, yes, it seems herbag is been discontinued:crybaby:

    Birkin girl, herbag was 1550 $ more less and the agenda was about 650$ the silver pen with chain was about 380$.:smile:
  11. Congrats costa, it's gorgeous!!! I am so happy you found one!!!! :yahoo:
  12. YAY! Congrats Costa---lovely Herbag, and I love the pen and agenda!
  13. :lol: Congrats on the agenda/pen too! Got so excited about the bag I forgot about the lovely agenda! :flowers:
  14. Thank you!
    The chain/pen is sterling and you can use it on most of the agendas I think.
  15. Gorgeous, Costa! Congrats!!!

    I will miss the herbag - I just love mine (I have two cabas style bags and one travel bag)! I think they're the most versatile of all the Hermes bags - great for traveling! My only wish is that Hermes would allow one to custom order replacement bag bottoms! One of my herbags has a vibrato bag, but my other only came with canvas bags...would love to get a black/white/grey vibrato bag to go with the black leather! My SA says they won't do it though....sigh.

    In any event, enjoy your new acquisitions!