Here is the deal in Coach... READ ME!!

  1. Hey everyone,

    Coach is a certain work in progress. We will be doing much more moving and adding, but we need your help. As of today, there is no assigned Coach mod. Instead, I will be the mod for now :yes: (with Swanky who has been helping a ton and any other mod we have that will pop in). So teach me more and I can help a lot more!

    We will add more sections- a reference library for sure- but need your suggestions on how to make Coach work better.

    Please, any questions or issues PM me. I promise that I am easy to talk to and really am fair. I will hear you out- I will look into things- I will think them over, and then make a decision. Today I am leaving for Key West so I will be slower to answer until next Monday- but I will answer.

    Welcome back to Coach and I hope a new attitude will be felt here- because this place is great! :tup:
  2. How sweet of u 2 take on such a huge responsibility! Megs, u r amazing!!! I really missed u guys!
  3. Also, I am sure there will need to be more to be discussed about the closing, other issues, etc. If you want to know anything, don't be afraid to ask. I will let you know what has happened and why :yes:
  4. Thanks, Megs! Glad to see that Coach is back and that you'll be overseeing (at least for now) along with Swanky :yes: . Have a good time in the Keys!
  5. Megs,


    I miss the board a lot in the last few days. I checked all the time and wish it is back.

    Can we have an outlet thread like the previous one? Is it possible.


    VT Pooh
  6. Yes we can add that.. I will guarantee that we will add a ton next week, and whichever mod/us can help the next few days while I am gone will :yes:
  7. Also, if you have questions that you think are pushing buttons, just PM me. We don't want drama in the open much, so just go ahead and ask. I will answer.
  8. The old outlet thread is under shopping. Is that not what you were looking for?
  9. now that you mentioned it what happened and why? how did it get so out of control and what can we to control further damage from being done?
  10. Thank you for opening up the coach Forum again, Megs! I missed it!

  11. Im helping out here too.....Ive posted some new stickies.....LMK if they work for u guys
  12. Check out the Coach Shopping Forum, it's the place you'll want to ask questions about stores, outlets, sales, SA's. . .
    anything related to that will be found there.
    I started moving threads so it's more organized but I'm not finished yet.

    One of teh reasons Coach was shut down was due to disrespect and drama. The Coach Forum is for COACH related threads and people were using it as a platform to argue and question people. . . not what it's for:nogood:

    Best to move on now and enjoy what tPF and the Coach Forum have to offer and that's of thousands of fantastic people, their experiences to share and their opinions and friendship:yes:

  13. Thanks for stepping up and doing this for us, ladies. :heart:
  14. oh, and there should be a new Mod soon:yes:
  15. Glad to see Coach back! Thank you!!!

    I have a suggestion for the Outlet thread - it might be hard to set up but I've always thought it would be great if Outlets was a sub forum and each outlet location could have it's own topic - since they don't all carry the same items and a lot of times you know you are going to be in the area of a particular outlet and want the scoop on that one.