Here is the copy of the banned book by Nu Skin founder's ex-husband...

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  1. 'Formerly Filthy Rich'

    Sandie Tillotson is the founder of Nu Skin. Adam Baker is Sandie's ex-husband and wrote this very scandalous tell-all book. Sandie and her attorneys forced Amazon and Barnes & Noble from distributing this is a very interesting read, even if you do not care about Nu Skin.
  2. Thanks. Very detailed.
  3. Wow! Just wow. Tell all indeed!
  4. I read the whole thing in 2 hours. Juicy stuff! This guy AND his ex-wife seem like total d-bags, though.
  5. ^^Yeah, that Sandie has high standards...

    Adam was hubby #3..... hubby #2 Diederik is also writing a book...his seems like it will be more interesting, since he's far more talented as a writer. You can read some chapters here:

    Although Sandie has slapped him with a $60million defamation suit, he's moving forward. I've known Diederik for years, and he's not one to back down, this is going to get ugly.... :boxing: :popcorn: Hope it becomes a movie:graucho: