Here is Riley...

  1. I was just outside playing with my pup, and I thought I would share a picture :smile:
    This is Riley and he is 2 years old, part chow chow and part finnish spitz.
  2. :love: awwwwww....:love: :love: :love:

    I've always loved mixed dogs, they're really great, extra personality, extra immunity. cute happy dog!
  3. How adorable. His tongue looks blue, hehe.
  4. What a beautiful dog!
  5. aww cutie mc blue tongue!
  6. really cute
  7. Thank you all :smile: I'm so happy there are so many animal lovers here
  8. awww..he's adorable!
  9. What an adorable dog. And, if you look that good outside playing with your gosh!! You are beautiful!
  10. oh gosh....he is totally adorable.....
  11. He's a cutie and has the same name as my pup :smile: