here is my yummy scotch lrg speedy!!!

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  1. its so scotchie!! i wanna eat it!! i love this color,,, its like a gorgeous buckskin color,,, its so natural and textury,, & my hayden harnett tassle matches perfect!!!! whaaaa!!!!:yahoo:
    the zebra lining is the icing on the cake!!
  2. pretty!!!
  3. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  4. Congratulations! I keep thinking to myself I need this one too!:biggrin:
  5. Love it!
  6. holy hotness! I'm so glad I chose scotch over teak now :smile:
  7. Gorgeous and you are right, that tassel matches perfectly! :tup:

  8. Oh my goodness it is SO gorgeous!!! I want this bag SO bad!!!!!
  9. Oh it is yummy looking! It reminds me of a butterscotch drop.

    I can't even tell that the tassel is HH and didn't come with the bag. And that flower bag charm is SO perfect with that style and color. You have an immaculate sense of style.
  10. Very nice! Love the color and the leather looks so smooshy. Congrats!
  11. thanx so much everyone,, yes its one of my favorite colors of bags right now cause its so natural looking,,, & very smooshy