Here is my sample sale dilemma....WWYD?

  1. Okay. I live in Providence (thus the screename, lol). I'll be going to my mom's in southern CT on Thursday night. My intention was to take the train, which is about an hour 15 minutes into the city, than the subway over to the sample sale EARLY. Be in line an hour before the sale starts. Then I was going to rush in, buy 1 or 2 bags and grab some lunch, walk around, before coming back to CT.

    Well wouldn't you know, 2 of my closest friends asked me to go to washington DC with them this weekend! I haven't spent time with them in so long, and since my mom offered to watch my daughter this weekend (boyfriend is working so he can't) it would be amazing to get away for a nice long break. They are leaving at about 5:30 Friday night, we'd be driving about 5 hours to DC.

    What to do? I'm seriously considering just doing NYC during the day, rushing back, taking a nap and hopping in the car for DC. Is that too much though? I just REALLY REALLY want a new bag, no, I NEED a new bag. I also would love to go away with my girls for a couple nights.

  2. relax and enjoy yourself. Don't run yourself ragged - there will always be wicked good deals online - close to sample sale prices - maybe $50 -75 more? for that I would spend it online and save yourself the trip.
  3. I would go to DC with your friends.
  4. I'll tell you the truth; if there was any way of doing both, I would find it, LOL,

    Your first priority should be your friends (just if it was possible, maybe you could just manage to squeeze in a small (very small) trip to the sample sales...)
  5. The trip are going to give you memories forever. A bag is a bag and there will always be another. And what if when the sample sale is over and you don't find what you will regret not going.
  6. If it were me, I would do both, but I get 'antsy' if not constantly on the run! I guess it depends on how bad you want a new bag, I think it would be fun, plus you'd have a new bag for your trip to DC!
  7. Just go with your gut instinct. If it says to just enjoy the weekend in DC, do so. If it says be a crazy woman and do both, then do so.
  8. How about telling your friends about the sample sale, you all go shopping, then you all hope into the car and go to DC.

    Everybody wins!! :p
  9. P, what did you end up doing? Any peak at the sample sale?
  10. I like that plan!!
  11. Alas...both of my friends have to work during the day on Friday before we leave for DC, and I can't convince them to call out. :sad:

    I think I'm going to go for it. I would love it they still had a smooth black sienna, and I'd also pick up a Jillian or Ginger in terraine. I could be back at my house by 2:30 and we aren't leaving until 6. I'm not driving so I could just sleep in the car. It's alot for one day but when I'm out in Georgetown rocking a new bag I'm sure I'll say it was well worth it. :smile:
  12. Or possibly a Kelsey.....although I've never seen one i person. Opinions?

  13. the kelsey is a beaut!