Here Is My Newest Prada Bag....!yeah!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Bought it at Prada NY....cost 1890-total....LOVES IT! Smooth mushy leather satchel(same style as the Antic cervo satchel..BUT in black leather!)Its big but perfect size for me!:heart: This is the same one Decophile got..such an enabler..and Cougess has it too...FAB BAG!
  2. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I Love it!!! :love: It looks amazing on you Jill!! Hope you're feeling better too. :flowers:
  4. HI Audrey! Thanks! I am feeling ALOT better..thank goodness!thanks for asking!
  5. Gorgeous! It makes me want to "squish" it through the computer screen! ("Please don't squeeze the Prada!") :P
  6. ROFLMAO! OMG...I love made me laugh soooooo HARD!
  7. so pretty Jill..
  8. very beautiful!!! congrats!!!
  9. Congrats Jill! This is the BEST bag to take on a trip. Its roomy plus its hands free! :idea:
  10. Oh I love it! Great purchse :love:
  11. The leather on that bag is yummy Jill! I love it. Congrats!!!
  12. Great bag Jill. Can you wear it on your shoulder as well?
  13. Jill, you are the Prada Queen! Congrats and I hope your'e feeling better.
  14. i totally love it!!!!
  15. FABULOUS!!! Looks stunning on you. Again, I will live vicariously through you!