Here is my newest baby: Lilac Epi Pochette!!

  1. I was so surprised it came so quickly! :nuts:

    This colour is sooo gorgeous's so hard to capture the colour with a camera. I admit that I was expecting a pastel, spring lilac, but this lilac has a dark grey undertone and to me is so neutral. I think it'll look great with lots of things in my wardrobe!

    I have to say that the silver hardware goes so well with this specific colour, in fact, I'm glad that LV chose to use silver instead of gold hardware. I put my gold pochette extender on just to see if I need a silver one and the gold looked horrible against the lilac :yucky: The two just didn't compliment each other. The silver (actually more like pewter) is perfect for the grey undertone of this colour.

    I'm not sure whether the silver pochette extender is a shiny silver or a matte, pewter-like silver such as the hardware on this pochette but I don't want to spend over $100 on the extender now so I went ahead and made my own. I am quite pleased with it!

    Anyway, here are some pictures. My Black Segur PM is on its way now, hopefully it'll come by Friday!

    Without flash:

    With flash:


    Worn on the shoulder without extender (fits fine but it looks weird! I like the drop with the extender)

    With my home-made extender:
    lpochette1.jpg lpochette2.jpg lpochetteva1.jpg lpochetteva4.jpg pextender3.jpg
  2. Congrats, it looks great on you!
  3. More pics of the extender I made...I pretty much just put two types of keychains together!

    It looks KIND OF similar to the LV one i guess...both sides function the same, anyway!



    pextender.jpg pextender2.jpg pextender4.jpg
  4. Very nice, it looks great on you :smile:
  5. I love it...I am searching for a speedy 25 now.
  6. it's so pretty! congrats!
  7. Wow u created ur own extender?
    Thats creative!
  8. Congrats Karman! The lilac looks awesome with your hair!!
  9. congrats! it looks great on you!
  10. hehe, very creative! congrats on your new purchase:biggrin:
  11. Love it! Enjoy it!!!!!
  12. Congrats! It's so pretty!
  13. The color of the pochette really looks great with the silver hardware and everything looks amazing on you! Congratulations!
  14. Ohhh... vvery pretty! I love how you made your own extender - I'd never think of that!
  15. adorable!! I love the lilac color too :biggrin: congrats!