Here is my New Heritage Stripe Tote!

  1. Here she is in Khaki/White! I like the way she goes with everything, and can be dressed with lots of different looks [​IMG]
  2. I don't see a photo?
  3. Would love to see a pic :sad:
  4. Sorry, bad url, here's the pic.

  5. WOW! I like that!!! I actually may like it more than the pink!! What keyfob is that? It's so cute! :tup:
  6. Ooh, nice! I was just asking somebody on the other thread about a picture of this. This is the small tote right? The keyfob is cute!
  7. It is beautiful, the heritage line is growing on me and ohhhh the scarf is TDF.
  8. Oh gosh, I love that!! Now I'm debating on the white or pink, aaaah! :smile:
  9. Oh, it's so cute!! And the keyfob is perfect for it!!
  10. That's gorgeous -- it's cool to see pics of colors other than the pink; although my first love is the pink, the white is amazing too!!
  11. Thanks glad you like it too! It is a medium tote. The Keyfob is a new one out. I live near a Coach store that is one of the first store picked for the new floorset:yahoo:So i get to check all the new stuff out before the other stores have it! I overheard the SA telling another customer this. So its been up now for almost 2 weeks.
  12. ^^ Which Coach boutique is it? Do they have a new floorset now or just keyfobs?
    Did you order the heritage stripe or did you picked it up in the store? Thanks!
  13. I love it in white as much as I did in the pink, it's beautiful! The keyfob is the perfect touch. :smile:

  14. That is a lovely bag! You are going to look so chic when carrying that one! Congrats!
  15. Ohh...that is very pretty. COACH makes a ton of pretty bags-