Here is my new bal.

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  1. Of course everyone knows I love Anthra RGGH, but I can't resist the yummy leather of black bals this year.

    Finally I got this "boring" one, because the buyer told me if I want to get something RGGH, I have to wait a long time (because the RGGH bags are sold out in HK, so the buyer has to get the bag from Europe),and the price of RGGH is higher.( RGGH bags are out of stock) .So I choose this GSH one.

    The girl who helped me to buy the bag in HK has no idea about the season of the bag,(in her opinion, black is seasonal color, so the season is not important). I asked her to get the bag with thick and yummy leather, but she told me the bag I pre-ordered was the "last one" in store. So she couldn't help me to choose the leather.

    Yesterday evening, I got my package from HK.The bag is out of my expectation, it's amazing! She is from 2010 S/S and I love the leather.

    Here she is.
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  4. :woohoo: Let's see it RUIRUI.
  5. Quick!! :woohoo:
  6. One hour already... :sad:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.