Here is my new bag- What do you suggest I get to go with it.

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  1. [​IMG] pic borrowed from ebay

    This is my newest bag. Exact color everything. Now I also have a $50.00 Coach giftcard.

    Just not sure what to get to go with it.

    Any suggestions. Also do you think a charm on it would make it to BUSY.

  2. I don't think a charm would make it look too busy, I just don't think you'd really be able to see it because of the pattern.

    I really don't think you need anything to go with it, looks fine all on its own!
  3. I know they have Wrislets in the same OP ART signature... You could maybe get a green or an orange, just to spice up the color some.. and of course matching is good too....

    A capacity Wristlet in Brown Patent Leather would look awesome in this bag as well... I use mine for makeup, bandaids, mints, etc.. these Wristlets carry a TON of stuff... (I am talking about the ones with the turnlock on the top... the patent leather is at the Outlets now....)
  4. Thanks I was thinking of doing a wristlet or 2. I have a cherry charm too. Maybe if they come out a big one it will work.

    I put my B on there and it does get lost.
  5. I agree that it doesn't need anything on the outside, but a wristlet to go inside would be perfect! Nice bag!
  6. I think any of the mahogany colored accessories would look good with it.

    I agree that you don't really need anything on the outside.
  7. Cute bag! I think a metal charm/keyfob in the same color as the hardware would be adorable!
  8. Like others have said, I think you should just focus on getting a matching accessory for it, it doesn't need a charm. Maybe a solid color tan sheer scarf would look good tied on it. I like that bag!
  9. ITA :yes: