Here is my new baby (santa also came early here)

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  1. My DH just bought me a monogram speedy 25!
    We both felt in love with this classic bag and DH decided to buy it to me for Christmas!
    Now it can stay near my epi myrtille Speedy :nuts:

  2. I love it! The epi is adorable too :cool:
  3. Congrats and Enjoy... Happy Holidays
  4. Santa's been showing up early a lot on tPF huh?! Congrats, it's very pretty!!! :yes:
  5. It's gorgeous and so is the epi speedy, congrats!!!
  6. Congrats on your new speedy 25, it's beautiful and timeless!!! Happy holidays! :smile:
  7. :drinkup: CONGRATULATIONS:drinks:
  8. Happy Holidays and congratulations! Love your Myrtille too!:heart:
  9. enjoy.....merry christmas
  10. Very nice....Enjoy it.
  11. classic
  12. congrats! My DH just bought me the same speedy :heart:
  13. Nice speedies!:nuts: And lucky you to have such a generous Santa:graucho: .
  14. WOW! lovely.... they can both keep each other company.
  15. Congrats!

    Very nice! :flowers: