Here is my loot from SH's 40% sale...

  1. Thanks to are my new goodies. I love those placement in all of them.:tup:

    First up is my AS Stellina...



    the bottom


    Second one up is Paradiso canguro...


  2. My Third and my last, Inferno Scuola has my favorite ipod girl on the very top of the bag

    [​IMG] favorite tree scene..:heart:


    Yes, I am a happy camper now. Thank you Lindsey!

    Can't wait to see what you all bought during this sale! Anyone receive theirs yet?
  3. Wow, they are so gorgeous! Especially the Inferno! I love it~ :biggrin:
  4. Your Stellina is fab! I also don't like Nuvolas usually but that one has lovely placement :biggrin:
  5. ahh..i love ur paradiso has sushi boi:love:
  6. Oh nice! Love your nuvola!! You got great characters on AS! I was tempted to buy one too!! Instead I got a inferno luna, porta and fumo denaro.

  7. I love the back of your paradiso canguro!!! :nuts::nuts: congrats on your loot!!
  8. So cute! The placements are all really great, congratulations :biggrin: I got a Paradiso Canguro from SH, too.
  9. Congrats!! Your stuff is adorable!! :drool:

    I got my stuff too!! Pirata Trenino for my BF for Christmas


    AS Ciao! [​IMG]

  10. Great finds- wear them in good health! Yeah for 40% off at the SH outlet...we just love Lindsey!!!
  11. Cute!! Congrats, you guys!!
  12. Great stuff at a great price! :yahoo: Congrats!!!
  13. CONGRATS everyone!
  14. Wow, Petals! All three of your bags are fantastic. Lindsay did a great job. I especially like the back of your canguro. You definitely got a good deal.

    Love your trenino, Jeny!
  15. Thanks everyone!:heart:

    Wow TokiliciousJenY, congrats on your new goodies too, I esp. love that AS has those characters that I really like.:p